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Primerica Mortgage Simple Referral Program Certification

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Simple Referral Program Certification

I confirm that I am an independent contractor and I have signed a Primerica Independent Business Application. I hereby apply for enrollment in the Primerica Mortgage Simple Referral Program. I understand that if I am approved to participate in the Primerica Mortgage Simple Referral Program, I must comply with all applicable laws and regulations as specified in my Independent Business Application and the Primerica Canada Referral Programs Policy.

The Primerica Mortgage Simple Referral Program is offered to current and prospective clients by Primerica Representatives (life licensed representatives, mutual fund licensed representatives and/or unlicensed representatives) through Primerica’s approved mortgage partners. Representatives can make simple client mortgage referrals provided they are in compliance with the above cited requirements. Specifically, the role of the representative is limited to the activities set out below:

Role of the Representative
  • Representatives can only make simple referrals to clients for mortgages through their unique representative URL link, which contains important disclosures regarding the referral arrangement.
  • The URL link must be provided to the client at the time of the referral and before any account opening.
  • Representatives cannot be involved in furthering the sale of a mortgage, including the completion of a loan application or any other related documentation.
  • Representatives are prohibited from holding themselves out as mortgage brokers or soliciting and giving advice on mortgages for the purposes of the Primerica Mortgage Referral Program.
  • Representatives cannot in any way advertise mortgage services whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the use of sign(s) or notice(s), nor can the Representatives advertise that they are a mortgage broker or an individual who buys, sells, places or refinances mortgages.
  • Representatives cannot make promises to prospective borrowers that they will be eligible for a mortgage loan, guarantee an interest rate or amount of any loan, or offer a mortgage loan or any other loan, as a direct means to the client’s acquisition of any other Primerica financial product or service.
  • Representatives cannot involve another mortgage broker or a non-Primerica company in Primerica’s Mortgage Simple Referral Program.
  • Representatives can only populate information into the Financial Needs Analysis if it is provided to them directly by the client. Representatives are prohibited from obtaining information directly from our mortgage strategic partners about a client’s potential mortgage loan.
Mortgage Referral Fee Schedule
Base Shop Generational Overrides
Title Referral Fee Factor Title Referral Fee Factor
REP (01) 0.00086 1st 0.00019
SRP (05) 0.00086 2nd 0.00014
DIS (10) 0.00086 3rd 0.0001
DIV (15) 0.00086 4th 0.00007
REG (20) 0.00086 5th 0.00002
SRL (23) 0.00086 6th 0.00002
PRL (25) 0.00086
RVP (26) 0.00162

Referral Fees paid to Primerica Representatives are a fixed percentage of what compensation is received by Primerica-approved strategic mortgage partners. The amount received by Primerica-approved strategic mortgage partners is variable and is based on the client’s individual needs, which will be determined through discussions between the clients and Mortgage Program Specialists.

$500,000 Example* Compensation*
Referral Fee Factor
Referral Fee
Referring Rep (any level below RVP) 0.00086 $430
RVP 0.00162 $810
1st Generation 0.00019 $95
2nd Generation 0.00014 $70
3rd Generation 0.0001 $50
4th Generation 0.00007 $35
5th Generation 0.00002 $10
6th Generation 0.00002 $10

For internal use only. Not to be used with, or distributed to, the public. 

*Assumptions: Referral fee figures above assume that the Primerica-approved strategic mortgage partner received 1% (variable) compensation paid on a $500,000 loan. Actual compensation percentage received by the Primerica-approved strategic mortgage partner may vary.

Referral fees paid to Primerica are subject to 13% H.S.T.  which will be withheld and remitted by Primerica.

I understand that this is a simple referral program operating within regulations and that I am in no way selling or advising with regards to mortgages.

My electronic signature below serves as my application for enrollment in Primerica’s Mortgage Simple Referral Program and acknowledgement that I have read, understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Independent Business Application and the Primerica Canada Referral Programs Policy.

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