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Primerica’s purpose is to create financially independent families. We believe each family, with access to essential financial services and appropriate advice, has the opportunity to better their financial position. For over 30 years, Primerica has helped middle-income families learn the principles of personal finance, reduce burdening debt loads and plan for the unexpected.

Welcome! We are excited you have decided to consider Primerica’s Mortgage Simple Referral Program to meet your mortgage needs. Whether you are looking to finance your first home or considering mortgage refinancing to consolidate and eliminate your debt, our mortgage simple referral process and strategic partner can contribute to your financial wellbeing.

Your Primerica Representative referred you to 8Twelve Mortgage (“8Twelve”) so that you can explore mortgage lending options that are right for you and your family. Please take the time to read the Important Legal Disclosures and Acknowledgements below, then if you are ready to move forward, click “Continue” to be forwarded to 8Twelve’s website. Contact 8Twelve today and see what options are right for you!


The Primerica representative who provided you with this referral is an independent representative (the “Representative”) who, for the purpose of introducing you to 8Twelve Mortgage (“8Twelve”), is acting in the following capacity:

If the Representative holds a life insurance licence: acting as a representative of Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada (“PLICC”); if the Representative holds a mutual fund registration: acting as a representative of PFSL Investments Canada Ltd. (“PFSL”); if the Representative holds both a life insurance licence and a mutual fund registration: acting as a representative of PFSL; if the Representative holds no life insurance license or mutual fund registration: acting as a representative of PLICC.

Neither PLICC nor PFSL are affiliated with 8Twelve. The Representative is facilitating your introduction to 8Twelve pursuant to a referral agreement among 8Twelve, PFSL, and PLICC. Pursuant to that agreement, Representatives can only make simple referrals to 8Twelve and are not authorized to sell or offer to sell mortgages.

PFSL and its Representatives are registered to trade in mutual funds. Each of PLICC’s, PFSL’s and any Representative’s role is limited to introducing you to 8Twelve, except as otherwise permitted by applicable law, so that you yourself may obtain information from 8Twelve about obtaining a mortgage. You must communicate directly with 8Twelve yourself to determine if obtaining a mortgage through 8Twelve is suitable for your needs.

Either PLICC or PFSL as applicable will receive a fee paid by 8Twelve for each referral that results in closed mortgages with 8Twelve. The Representative will be paid a portion of the fees received by PLICC or PFSL for the referral equivalent to 22% of all compensation received by 8Twelve for closed mortgage referrals. All Representatives are eligible for other incentives, such as consumer electronic goods and trips, based on the number of successful referrals.

8Twelve may collect, record, use and share your personal information with PLICC, PFSL and their affiliates for administrative purposes related to the referral program, including but not limited to compensation and audit purposes.

By clicking the “Continue” button below, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree with the Important Legal Disclosures and Acknowledgements above. Please print a copy should you wish to retain them for your records. Once you click the “Continue” button below, you will be forwarded to 8Twelve’s third party website, where you will have the opportunity to obtain information from 8Twelve about obtaining a mortgage, should you wish. By linking to 8Twelve’s website, PLICC and PFSL are not endorsing its content, products, services or security and is not responsible for its adequacy, accuracy, legality or any other aspect of 8Twelve’s website. PLICC and PFSL are not responsible or liable for any damage, loss or breach of personal information security caused by your use of 8Twelve’s website. All concerns, issues or questions regarding the usability or functionality of 8Twelve’s website should be directed directly to 8Twelve. Please contact 8Twelve if you have any questions or require any clarifications.